Winter Programme 2019-20

We are still arranging the evening meetings, however this year we would like to get more Club members to give a short (could only be 15 minutes) talk on their projects, railways, or any other topic they would like to present.  If you would like to tell other members about your experiences, or know of any external speakers, please contact any committee member.

Wednesday 2 October 2019                               

Wednesday 16 October2019                      

Wednesday 6 November2019                      

Wednesday 20 November 2019               

Wednesday 4 December 2019                                   

Wednesday 18 December 2019              Social Evening, Mince Pies and Discussion of Future Proposals

Wednesday 1 January 2020               

Wednesday 15 January 2020                   

Wednesday 5 February 2020                

Wednesday 19 February 2020                    Social Event at Warminster Conservative Club

Wednesday 4 March 2020                                                

Wednesday 18 March 2020                              

Wednesday 1 April 2020                                             Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 15 April 2020                                 Members Exhibition and Social Evening